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Glen Callow

9 Aug 2017

Final Salary Pensions - Stick or Twist

Transferring away from a Final Salary (or Defined Benefit DB) Pension Scheme has for many years been an area of advice that we have shied away from – in all but exceptional circumstances the better outcome for the client being to stay with the generous, index linked scheme. However, in the past couple of years the balance has shifted slightly. 
Glen Callow

22 Feb 2017

Financial Planning - Top Tax Tips

Our tax planning guide provides a snapshot of how careful financial planning can make sense. It provides a brief outline of what is possible and hopefully give you the incentive to talk to Prime Wealth as soon as possible.
Glen Callow

5 Feb 2017

Fitbit financier, hoarder to splasher?

Which of six financial personality types are you? asked the Financial Times, with some pointed comments about their flaws. Fitbit Financiers, obsessively checking their balances, may seek control of money because they've lost control elsewhere in their lives, while Cash Splashers are generous only to impress. Hoarders see piles of cash as security while Anxious Investors watch their investments too closely and trade far too much, thus reducing the returns they get. Social Value Spenders buy to boost their self-esteem and may be as addicted as alcoholics. Lastly, the Ostrich ignores bills and tax demands until they threaten disaster.