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January 2018

Glen Callow

23 Aug 2017

Investors flock to AIM for tax savings

A little-known tax break is attracting investors to shares in companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), says the Financial Times. Many of these companies qualify for Business Property Relief, which means that after you have owned shares for over two years they are exempt from inheritance tax. There are now many AIM portfolio services for investors and some have generated substantial gains over the past year.
Glen Callow

22 Aug 2017

Interest-only crunch ahead

Crunch time for interest-only mortgages is 2022, says the Financial Times. This is when the majority of interest-only mortgages taken out between 2003 and 2009 reach redemption – but will borrowers be able to repay? A great many probably won't: some will have banked on paying off their mortgage when they downsized, but that is highly dependent on the state of the property market. Today, it is harder to get an interest-only mortgage – higher deposits are usually required, and there are tougher 'affordability' tests.
Glen Callow

21 Aug 2017

A state pension at 68... or perhaps not

The Financial Times personal finance editor Claer Barrett mused about the government's announcement that the state pension age will rise to 68 in 2037, seven years earlier than previously planned, and a move expected to save taxpayers £74 billion. As someone affected by the move, she said she feared the numbers of older people living longer would make the state pension unaffordable by the time she came to retire and that means-testing might be introduced. The only answer is to save more.
Glen Callow

21 Jul 2017

Longer wait for state pension

Six million people now aged between 39 and 47 will have to wait a year longer to get their state pension, says the BBC. The government announced that the rise in state pension age from 67 to 68 will be brought forward six years to 2037-39. The government said the new rules would save taxpayers £74bn by 2045/46..
Glen Callow

20 Jul 2017

Warning on pension freedoms

Many of the one in three people who have taken cash from their pensions since the rules changed in 2015 did so without taking advice, says the Telegraph. It cited warnings from the regulator that it might have to step in, and advisers said many of those who hadn't taken advice would probably have paid too much tax already or would do so in future. In particular, taking money out of a pension, paying tax on the withdrawal and then putting the cash into an ISA would result in them getting much lower returns on their money.

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