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January 2018

Glen Callow

16 Oct 2017

Improving beats moving

There is evidence that more homeowners are choosing to improve rather than move, says the Mail. Residential property transactions for the year to March 2017 were £239 billion, down from £273 billion the previous year - the first fall since the financial crisis a decade ago. The higher levels of stamp duty are one deterrent for movers, says the Mail.
Glen Callow

13 Oct 2017

Star fund manager apologises for poor returns

Star fund manager Neil Woodford issued an apology to investors in his fund after delivering poor returns this year, says the Financial Times. Woodford's £10 billion fund has delivered returns of just 0.59 per cent year-to date compared with 8.21 per cent for the FTSE All Share Index. Woodford said criticism was fair; several companies in which is fund hold large shareholdings have had difficulties and issued profit warnings, including Provident Financial.
Glen Callow

12 Oct 2017

UK SMEs lag the pack

A survey of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the US, the UK and Europe shows the UK lagging the pack, says the Telegraph. While 72 per cent of US firms had seen growth in revenues, the UK figure was 61 per cent. And while on average 71 per cent of firms were optimistic about prospects for the next year, the figure for UK firms fell from 60 per cent to 55 per cent.
Glen Callow

11 Sep 2017

House prices will soar, says Prof

An economics professor who used to be on the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee says house prices in the UK will keep on rising until they reach 15 times average income, says the Mail. The prediction is based on analysis of the effects of commuting. The professor says that if we invested in bullet trains that took 40 minutes to get from London to Somerset - in the same way the earlier generations invested in the London Underground and bus networks - that would even out house prices, but there has been far too little investment in transport in recent decades.
Glen Callow

11 Sep 2017

'No rate rise until 2019'

Despite inflation being above the Bank of England's target - it was 2.6 per cent in July compared with the official target of 2 per cent – the Bank will not raise interest rates until 2019, says the BBC based on a poll of leading economists.

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