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Latest News

August 2017

Glen Callow

29 Aug 2017

Foreign landlords leave Britain

There has been sharp fall in the proportion of Buy To Let property in the UK owned by foreign landlords, says the Mail. In 2010 they accounted for 12 per cent of all residential property let in the UK, but in 2017 that had fallen to just 5 per cent. In London, the ratio has fallen from one in four homes to one in ten over the same period. The biggest decline has been in European ownership. Experts say the tax changes, including liability to capital gains tax for foreign investors when they sell, have deterred people, but lower expectations for price rises in the South East have also played a part.
Glen Callow

28 Aug 2017

Are you really covered?

The Mail ran the story of a 66-year-old nurse who had a mastectomy to treat cancer, but was refused a pay out on her critical illness policy because her specific condition wasn't covered. Experts pointed out that policies taken out today (hers was started in 2001) have wider coverage, and that medical advances mean the scope of cover with these policies is bound to change, so that regular reviews of these types of policy is essential.
Glen Callow

25 Aug 2017

Half of pensioners ready to move

Almost half of Britain's retired population would be prepared to move and downsize, potentially releasing almost 3 million extra bedrooms, says the Telegraph. With pensioner numbers set to rise from 5.7 million today to over 11 million by 2036, downsizing could help to deal with the country's chronic housing shortage. A survey showed 10 per cent of retired people would be motivated to downsize by a stamp duty concession, but experts said the real problem was that there weren't suitable properties for them to move into, since far too little new building was designed to be suitable for older people.
Glen Callow

24 Aug 2017

Borrowers take advantage of cheap loans

Wealthy borrowers are taking advantage of cheap mortgage loans to invest in a growing range of assets, says the Financial Times. Previously, such loans might have funded Buy-to-Let investments, but with the recent tax changes, commercial property has become a more favoured investment. More sophisticated borrowers are also investing in private equity and alternative assets.
Glen Callow

23 Aug 2017

Investors flock to AIM for tax savings

A little-known tax break is attracting investors to shares in companies listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), says the Financial Times. Many of these companies qualify for Business Property Relief, which means that after you have owned shares for over two years they are exempt from inheritance tax. There are now many AIM portfolio services for investors and some have generated substantial gains over the past year.

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