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Latest News

April 2017

Glen Callow

29 Apr 2017

Care home fees and the property trap

Giving a child a share in your home can seem like a good way of passing on capital, but it can backfire badly, says the Sunday Times.
Glen Callow

28 Apr 2017

More mortgage competition

The pint-sized Atom Bank has opened up a new front in the mortgage price war, says the Mail.
Glen Callow

27 Apr 2017

Beware of the pitfalls of LISA

Former pensions minister Ros Altmann used an article in the Mail to warn savers about the drawbacks and risks of the new Lifetime ISA.
Glen Callow

26 Apr 2017

Wealth skips the boomer generation

Wealth is skipping the boomer generation, says the Telegraph.
Glen Callow

25 Apr 2017

BTL owners turn to companies

The number of homes owned by companies has hit a record high, says the Telegraph.

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