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Latest News

February 2017

Glen Callow

20 Feb 2017

Trusts in decline

The use of family trusts in financial planning is in decline, says the Financial Times. The number of trusts completing tax returns has fallen by 27 per cent over the past ten years. The prime reason, says the FT, is tax. Back in 2004 the tax rate on trusts was 34 per cent - now it is 45 per cent. Moreover, since 2006 there has been a 20 per cent tax on assets being passed into a trust and a 6 per cent tax every ten years. However, 'bare trusts' escape most of these taxes and are still worthwhile, and today more people use family investment companies to achieve many of the objectives that used to be served by family trusts.
Glen Callow

19 Feb 2017

Hospitality businesses face pension fines

Figures from the workplace pension regulator show that it has levied most fines and penalties against clubs, bars and restaurants, says the Financial Times. Under the auto-enrolment rules, all employers are bound to enrol employees in a pension scheme to which both employer and employee contribute. The regulator has also started to issue County Court Judgements against businesses that have not paid fines or penalties.
Glen Callow

18 Feb 2017

Boost your pension through deferral

People who retired before April 2016 can still boost their state pension by over 10 per cent, says the Telegraph – by 'unretiring' and deferring their state pension: each year of deferment will bring a 10.4 per cent increase in the pension they get. If you live over 11 years after you restart your state pension, you will make a profit from doing this, but if you retired after April 2016, the rate of increase for deferment is only 5.8 per cent so you will have to live longer to make a profit. But the Telegraph warns that if you defer the state pension, you will not automatically get the pensioners' winter fuel payment but will have to ask for it.
Glen Callow

17 Feb 2017

Why the old have to support the young

Intergenerational inequality is bad and is going to get worse, says the Telegraph, citing research by the Resolution Foundation. Back in 2011, the average income of pensioners after housing costs overtook that of workers, and it has continued to rise ever since. The reason is the steady increase in housing costs, especially rents. But from now on, rising inflation and stagnant wages are likely to be the factors that make the gap between old and young even bigger. This increases the pressure on the older generation to help the young with capital towards house purchase or regular gifts.
Glen Callow

16 Feb 2017

Compensation limit rises to £85,000

As from the start of February 2017, the amount protected by the UK's investor compensation scheme rose from £75,000 to £85,000. This reversed a cut of £10,000 in the limit in July 2015. The change follows a decline in the exchange rate of the pound against the euro (just as the previous cut followed a rise in the exchange value of the pound). The EU-wide limit is set at 100,000 euros. The limit applies to all of an individual's accounts with the same institution.

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