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Latest News

January 2017

Glen Callow

31 Jan 2017

Is care at home better?

With the care crisis, closures of care homes and huge residential care home fees, is organising care at home a better solution for some elderly people? The Telegraph says that not only can costs be lower, but you stay in control, and may qualify for some local authority financial support. This is because if you stay in your own home but have assets of under £23,250 you qualify for financial support, whereas if a widow or widower goes into a care home the value of their house is used to pay for all or part of their care costs. Most people use a specialist agency to employ carers, who are usually paid well above the minimum wage that is usually paid to care home staff.
Glen Callow

30 Jan 2017

The end of BTL?

Buy-to-let landlords are switching from residential to commercial property, says the Telegraph. Auctioneers say the imminent start of the new tax regime for residential BTL, which will severely cut net of tax returns, has prompted many landlords to look at shops, offices and industrial units. The rental yield is often higher and tenants pay many of the costs residential landlords have to fork out for, including insurance, repairs and rates. But capital growth is much less likely than in the residential market.
Glen Callow

14 Jan 2017

BTL landlords expect double hit

A survey of Buy to Let owners reveals that over 60 per cent of them expect to be hit not just by restrictions on the tax relief on mortgage interest (which will be cut from 40 per cent to 20 per cent by 2020) but by new affordability rules on BTL lending set by the Bank of England. These rules seem likely to penalise landlords with more than four properties, says the Financial Times.
Glen Callow

13 Jan 2017

Generation Rent

The proportion of 25-year-olds who own their own home has fallen from 46 per cent to 25 per cent in the past 20 years, says the Telegraph, citing research by estate agency Savills. But it is not just the young - the overall proportion of home owners has fallen from 72.9 per cent from its peak in 2004 to 64.1 per cent today. Rents are now much higher than mortgage payments, partly the result of an 88 per cent fall in the amount of social housing being built today compared with 20 years ago.
Glen Callow

12 Jan 2017

Inflation ahead

Three-quarters of the economists responding to the Financial Times' annual survey said UK inflation was likely to top 2 per cent in 2017, while a third of them expected inflation to exceed 3 per cent during the year. The 15 per cent decline in the exchange value of the £ is cited as the main cause, though there is still much disagreement on how quickly that will feed through to retail prices. Most economists still agree with the Bank of England that the rise in inflation will be temporary, since there is as yet no sign of an upturn in average earnings.

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