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Glen Callow

18 Nov 2015

Default pension funds can be losers

Millions of employees could be missing the opportunity to triple the size of their pension funds, says the Financial Times.
Glen Callow

17 Nov 2015

Pension pots and care home fees

A Financial Times reader asked how he could protect his pension pot from being used for care home fees.
Glen Callow

13 Nov 2015

Footballers lose in tax-dodge schemes

Over a hundred retired top footballers and managers stand to lose up to £100 million after the failure of tax-sheltering film and property schemes they had invested in, says the Sunday Times.
Glen Callow

11 Nov 2015

Watch for dividend tax wrinkles

George Osborne's promise of a £5,000 annual tax-free dividend allowance is not quite what it seems, says the Sunday Times.
Glen Callow

9 Nov 2015

Healthy tech for cash and lifestyle

The use of wearable technology to improve lifestyles is just beginning, says the Sunday Times.

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