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May 2016

Glen Callow

27 May 2016

Where to turn when you need financial advice and more... An interview with Glen Callow

Getting good quality, independent financial advice has never been more important. With complex tax, legal and regulatory changes it is nigh impossible for the layman to make well informed decisions with regard to their financial affairs without seeking the help of a professional.

Perhaps you want to understand how inheritance tax might impact your legacy in the event of your death?

Will you benefit from the additional tax free allowance coming into force next year (the residence nil rate band)?

Is your will arranged in such away to ensure you benefit from this relief?

Should you be you be cashing in your pension or using other assets to support your retirement plans?

You own a business and want to know the best way to extract profits? Salary / bonus / dividend / pension?

You want to know how to protect your business in the event of the death of your business partner?

You want to ensure your family are well protected should the worst happen.

Where do you go when you need regulated financial, tax and legal advice under one roof?

Prime Wealth is the financial planning arm of Prime Accountants Group - this relationship ensures that clients not only get access to an independent financial adviser but also inhouse chartered tax advisers and accountants with a combined experience of over 100 years. Add to this the close working relationships that they have with the legal community and a comprehensive service can be found without the need to run from professional to professional investing significant time and perhaps receiving conflicting advice.

Glen Callow says: "Following the arrival of Pensions Freedom (April 2015) we are seeing more and more clients lost in the quagmire of industry jargon - not knowing where to turn to for clear advice with what will likely be the most important financial decisions of their life. Pensions have become by far the most attractive savings tool not only for retirement provision but also for wealth transfer whilst at the same time limits as to what can be contributed and amassed over a lifetime has become more and more complex. The need for financial planning advice which is complemented by tax expertise and legal advice has never been greater. Often we will host meetings with clients which includes experts from all disciplines (tax, legal and financial advisory) - meaning the crux of the requirement is met swiftly and efficiently so the client can go on with their lives - be that running a successful business or enjoying a well deserved retirement."

Glen adds: "the investment markets have been volatile and it is vital clients understand the assets they are holding and how they might behave moving forwards as central bank monetary policy normalises. There are many investors who have become complacent with year on year positive returns as asset prices across the board have climbed on the back of quantitative easing - there could well be some nasty shocks in store - the recent sharp correction illustrates how quickly markets turn not based on fundamentals but when sentiment shifts. With continuing fears of a slowdown in China a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU around the corner and a US election in the Autumn - there are plenty of headwinds which could upset the applecart."

Prime Wealth offer an initial free, no obligation meeting to clients where they will review your affairs and outline how their service might work best for you.

Prime Wealth launched in 2012 and has enjoyed strong year on year growth. Headed up by Glen Callow the team also includes Chris Soborowski (Chartered Financial Planner), Adam McCluskey (diploma qualified paraplanner) and Emily Sutton (Financial Services Administrator) - clients have access to all staff members ensuring the best possible advice along with first class administration.

If you would like to speak with Glen or a member of his team call 0121 711 6353.

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