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Prime Prime Blog

August 2017

Glen Callow

10 Aug 2017

18% of people aged 50 or over have been targeted by potential scammers

According to research by Retirement Advantage, 1.8 million people have been offered unsolicited free pensions advice or investment opportunities by phone, text or email in the last three months.

Scammers are trying to defraud huge amounts of cash from people's pensions and savings utilising increasingly sophisticated and compelling methods.

Although some individuals will report fraud, others may be unaware they have fell foul to a scam or be too ashamed to divulge it to the appropriate authorities.

In response to the rise of potential scammers, the government has promised to release a government consultation shortly looking at ways to tackle pension scams, including cold calling.

If you are contacted cold by phone, email, text or letter regarding pension advice or investment opportunities, please ignore the communication as you could fall foul of a con.

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