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23 Oct 2017

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20 Oct 2017

Student debt: who won't repay?

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19 Oct 2017

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18% of people aged 50 or over have been targeted by potential scammers

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10 Aug 2017

Where to turn when you need financial advice and more... An interview with Glen Callow

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27 May 2016

Investment Advice

In many cases our clients will require direction in terms of how they position their investments as they seek to prepare for events in the future.

They may have no one individual goal or perhaps be seeking to provide for school fees, fund their retirement or simply just attempt to maintain the real value of their money against inflation in a time of record low cash deposits rates.

We work with our clients and industry leading investment providers to implement an approach that focuses on the key factors which influence the success of any investment strategy:

Goal setting - defining clear objectives is the crucial first step in the process and the one by which any success should be measured.  It is amazing how taking the time to do this can be empowering for clients and provides a structure and focus to their lifetime plans.

Risk - we spend a lot of time getting to understand the level of risk that our client's are prepared to take with their money, discussing not only attitudes to risk but, vitally, capacity for loss.  Invariably, we find that a client's existing portfolio does not accurately reflect their risk which can have devastating effects on their wealth, particularly in volatile markets such as we find ourselves today.

Charges - a focus on charges is absolutely key; the effect of high charges over a sustained period can greatly reduce the final outcome and we work closely with managers / providers where these are kept to a minimum without compromise on performance.

We have in-house expertise that ensures a bespoke solution is crafted based on your goals, attitude to risk, capacity for loss and tax position using only proven solutions which deliver returns at an acceptable cost.

Typically the final solution would include tax exempt products such as ISAs and Pensions prior to the recommendation of solutions which seek to minimise our client's exposure to Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. Being part of a group of chartered accountants adds strength in this area.

We are passionate that our fiercely independent approach best serves our clients and differentiates us from competitors. Please refer to our 'Investment Philosophy' for more infomation on our investment solutions.

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